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Sustainable solution = 1. Safety thats everyones responsibility. Human rights = Every human deserves this - these vital parts only discriminate based on failure to acknowledge we are all equal by the decision makers. Evidence will be all revealed in the data. #OneWorldOneFight

1.5 metres away from motorists at the checkpoints and if that cannot do that then they should wear #PPE" why are we still debating that #masks #ppe is not a matter of live of death for our medical heros? #emergencyreponse

Mixed media / Government lack of united messages are spreading the virus faster than our hero's are fighting to contain it. #historyrepeatsitsself #UnitedNations #humanrightsviolations - How can we stop the spread when the guidelines are not united? #Masks4All

#COVID19Pandemic The media / gov mixed messages. UNITED MESSAGE STAY INSIDE you are spreading a virus that our medial heros have the #PPE that they need to save YOUR LIFE. If a cruise ship is a health risk, what #PPE is your food supply using ? #UnitedNations #Masks4All

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