Why Invest in Small Business Marketing

Whether you’re in the initial start-up stage, powering through your first years as a small business, or cruising with a consistent level of initial success, small business marketing is a vital tool to push you forward.

Starting a business is expensive and the first few years of budgeting can feel overwhelming as you walk a very tight line. Larger competitors have the flexibility, resources, and experience that make marketing and advertising a no-brainer, so is it even worth it to try and compete? Yes!

If you risk nothing and sit in your competitor’s shadow, you’re pretty much guaranteed to stay there. Sure, small business marketing may look a little different for you than the big guys, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be effective. Pair up with a full-service marketing and advertising agency who understands your needs, is committed to your mission, and has the strategic tools to make it happen. (Psst… the MiniBoo Creative crew is just a click away!)

For budget-conscious businesses and brands that are just getting started, three little letters define everything – ROI. Your return on investment (ROI) makes it all possible and worthwhile. You essentially have three marketing scenarios to choose from with three drastically different outcomes:

  1. Invest nothing, do nothing, and get nothing. Millions of people in your target audience will never know your brand, except by some stroke of luck, and your competitors will get all of the leads that they’re looking for.
  2. Invest a little, do some DIY guess work, and get mixed results. Many small business owners try to shave off a few bucks and do all of the work themselves with random attempts at marketing. The generic strategies, inconsistent timing, and broad reach may not even be enough to break even.
  3. Invest the right amount, trust a specialized agency, and get the boost that you’re looking for. Online marketing is constantly changing. You need expert help with a dynamic marketing plan and creative, evolving strategies to get back your investment and so much more.

Small business marketing covers the initial reach and advertising that catch their eye, the graphics and content that keep their attention, and the functional structures like web design and ecommerce tools that they interact with. A full-service marketing and advertising agency can complete the project from start to finish with a cohesive feel. With a data-driven, strategic approach, there’s no question whether or not your campaigns and marketing collateral are converting.

Building your business and establishing a strong brand can seem daunting, but small business marketing makes it easy – project the right message to the right people, at the right place, at the right time. Don’t know how to do that? We do! Get in touch today and let’s start telling your story.

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