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MiniBoo Creative is built on friendship and family.
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Nearly 20 years ago, AJ and KJ met by chance and became instant friends while working together in retail and studying at the university. We kept in touch and set off on different paths to build careers in marketing and advertising.

KJ and her partner Redd achieved great things in their careers but struggled with a lack of fulfilment and value. Just weeks after the birth of their first daughter Charli, KJ was already back at the office of her high-pressure job at Target Australia, working long hours away from family. Redd also studied while working nights and weekends, so it was nearly impossible to be together as a family and enjoy all of life’s ‘firsts’ with their precious daughter.

MiniBoo Creative was born out of necessity for a work-life balance that suited our families. At the start, KJ signed a handful of committed retainer clients and gathered the courage to take the leap away from salaried jobs to full-time ownership of small business marketing Geelong and Mornington Peninsula in 2013. Little did she know, her long-time friend AJ was experiencing the same frustration.

AJ was working long hours with a tiring commute as a distinguished project lead analyst. Her partner works 15-hour days on an opposing schedule as a veterinary orthopaedic surgeon and International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) director. She contacted us about a web design project when she realised that MiniBoo could offer so much more. With a successful project under her belt, she joined our crew in 2016 and stayed connected with the previous firm as a business marketing consultant.

Today, MiniBoo Creative functions out of our home offices in Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, and Melbourne. Sure, we’re busy, but we’re busy together! Long hours are paired with dinner together around the table and we have the freedom to blast our favourite music in the background.

We are growing quickly and combine the talents of our core founders, internal resources, and freelance partners. Our goal is support highly skilled parents with flexible hours and offer the ability to work at home on fulfilling, joy-filled projects that don’t disrupt family focus.

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With offices in Geelong, Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula, MiniBoo serves the digital marketing and communication needs of small to medium businesses. We are a talented team of individuals that works laterally with our clients every step of the way to ensure their businesses receive the attention and dedication they need to succeed while providing them complete and effective professional services on a budget.